The IT Department of the WEST-RU Group provides services for setup, customization and automation of specific tasks which are engineering project related. This includes complex design, simulation and planning software systems which are used for different engineering tasks. These systems require a quite complicated setup and customization according to project demands, as well as customer specific requirements. Moreover, for design cost optimization, we usually automate a number of typical engineering operations. All these internal setups, customization and development tasks are managed by our IT Department which has over 15 years of experience.

Today’s engineers and IT specialists are challenged in modern technologies like design (CAD) systems, simulation software, databases and complex production and manufacturing solutions (PLC, OLP) and they need to constantly increase their knowledge and get trained. Designed by our WEST-RU Academy a Knowledge Management Program (KMP) is internally accessible and as a service externally. It is focused on training, knowledge transfer and best practices sharing. Within this environment we continuously improve and develop skills as well as verify new technology.

To stay up-to-date with state of the art engineering technology we believe in sharing our competences with industry partners. Our partners include engineering software development vendors as well as OEMs. Partners, who interested in cooperation with us, please contact us via the contact sheet.